We are professionals in the Pest Control Industry of Pakistan and Pak Pansy Fumigation Services has been carrying out Domestic and International services in various facets of food businesses, hotels, hospitals and domestic sectors ensuring a safer, infestation-free and quarantined environment.

We provide termite control and food industry fumigation services all of which are aimed at providing you with the ultimate solutions for pest problems. We have expertise in fumigation of food stuff, rural settings, vehicles, import and export and we accommodate the businesses of our clients by curing their containers, factories, godowns, houses & cold storage from pest infestation.


We provide the finest services for the export fumigation in wide ranges of categories i.e Grain, Rice and other bulk commodities, Container Fumigation, Gas checking and Venting, Pre-Harvest Treatments. Please click on read more to get full details.


Termites cause continual and quite costly damages to your homes and wood-based products in your house such as shelves, slabs and interior which is why Pak Pansy has designed extremely efficient and effective ways of eliminating them from each and every corner.
Bed bugs are a very common and recurring problem in households, hotels, buses and most importantly public places. Pak Pansy’s solution for bed bugs targets these bugs wherever they exist be it folded clothes, bedding, furniture, boxes or any place within access without any side effects.
Water tanks are the most important storage places for any house and that means they need to be kept in perfect conditions. Most often algae, stale water and debris fill up water tanks that end up polluting fresh and drinkable water.

Rodents are a big nuisance and perhaps the most dangerous of pests. They reproduce rather quickly and before long a few rats could become a full-on infestation in your house or backyard. We provide solutions that are uniquely suited to each individual.

Bees and Wasps can cause damage to you, your family especially children and pets which is why Pak Pansy has immediate responses and solutions for swarms and nests of these flying insects. The protection of your house and family are foremost and bee stings can be much too painful.

Mosquitoes are highly dangerous for health as they can cause dengue, malaria and a list of other diseases which is why they need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Pak Pansy has a solution for eliminating the breeding of mosquitoes that eventually eliminates their numbers and that includes targeting areas that are favorable to feeding and breeding.

Lawns need to be kept ecologically strengthened to fight the constant glaring sun which could burn grass blades and roots. Lawns are trying to survive in an often hostile environment including heat, humidity, weeds, salt intrusion, poor water retention, invading insects, fungus and other pathogens just to name a few.

Insects, pests and any other variant might cause huge economical loss to companies that are either importing or exporting grain, rice and other bulk commodities. The cost of hiring Pak Pansy’s experts to reduce the chances of a pest infestation are far more economical than the potential loss that will surely occur if proper fumigation isn’t applied to these containers in due time.


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    Furqan Ahmed
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    Syed Ali Haider Zaidi
    Director Marketing
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