Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are a very common and recurring problem in households, hotels, buses and most importantly public places. Pak Pansy’s solution for bed bugs targets these bugs wherever they exist be it folded clothes, bedding, furniture, boxes or any place within access without any side effects.

Treatment Approach / Plan

Our treatment approach is highly effective because we first go for a detailed inspection of the area, find spots and locations where the infestation has occurred and target them. Bed bugs are most prevalent in places where people sleep which is why the pest solution is designed to be absolutely harmless to humans.


We provide thorough inspection of a landscape or residential place giving specific attention to areas where bed bugs are most attracted such as cracks or crevices in the infrastructure, behind or beneath cluttered places, mattresses, furniture and even clothes. Once all potential areas have been marked our experts will move on towards the treatment aspect of the solution.

Treat / Application Methodology

The treatment will be intensive in places such as seams, wall surfaces, cracks around door frames and voids where bugs usually hide. For furniture bed frames and mattress and the headboard, nightstands, dressers, armories, and upholstered furniture are also treated for infestation.