Bees / Wasps Control

Bees and Wasps can cause damage to you, your family especially children and pets which is why Pak Pansy has immediate responses and solutions for swarms and nests of these flying insects. The protection of your house and family are foremost and bee stings can be much too painful. From the moment of infestation till full grown swarms and nesting there are multiple opportunities for tackling and eliminating them.

Treatment Approach / Plan

The treatment plan is to first inspect the kind of insect we are dealing with and then form a plan to eliminate the swarm or nest. This could take anywhere between 24 to 48 ours and the plan include instructions for homeowners to stay indoors while the team works.


The inspection is done to determine where the infestation has occurred and where the honeycomb is located. To remove a colony caution must be taken so that the bees do not swarm towards the house.

Treat / Application Methodology

There are traps placed around vegetation or under building eaves to catch swarms or scouts of these insects. The traps are containers in which bees and wasps can be effectively exterminated. To prevent re-infestation or to prevent other insects like ants, cockroaches and carpet beetles the decaying nest and dead bee and wasp carcasses are removed as well.