By Industry

Retail Services

Our services are highly demanded and vital to businesses such as retail which is an industry that takes high note of reputation and presence of pests can damage that reputation in a matter of seconds.

Amidst retail services, the most dominant factor is a lot of gears and products that are car-toned off in storerooms or in congested areas. Even on shelves a great threat of pest infestation such as termites, rodents, bed bugs etc is present and there needs to be a proper mechanism to deal with such nuisance. This is why Pak Pansy does such a great job at offering solutions to this sector. We understand the threats a cluttered space, insects, unclean floors and even restrooms are to your business and we have all the gadgets available to fight them off. Our plan is divided into three major steps where the first aspect is to inspect the location for crawling insects and rodents, then find the most effective ways of eliminating them and lastly monitoring the outcomes till customer satisfaction is reached. Your staff and customers need not worry about insects ruining their day, and your stores will remain free of bad odors, germs, diseases and unpleasant activities for sure.

Restaurant Services

Restaurants are the most frequent of places and they literally thrive on good reputation and customer loyalty. It is important to satisfy your customers and that can only happen if they are comfortable with the hygiene conditions of your restaurant. Unfortunately for most roaches, bugs and rodents are far too common problems and once they infest a general area it can be very hard to get rid of them. Your customers demand good hygienic food prepared under hygienic conditions else your client base will suffer and as a result so will your business. We help you reach the most sought after standards of hygiene and safe environments by organizing inspection and elimination plans that will take care of these problems in no time at all. It is important to stay functional and our solutions will help you get rid of pests without having to close down or suffer at the hands of lost reputation. In some instances, Food Inspection Authorities might even try to shut down businesses for operating in pest-infected areas and Pak Pansy will certainly help you avoid that disastrous consequence.

Lodging & Hospitality

Be it full-scale hotels or modest motels, hostel rooms or rented places the lodging and hospitality industry is at a rise at all times and with no off seasons it is important to maintain the infrastructure of these places to attract more lodgers with the passage of time. Wall cracks and crevices, entry points for rodents, mattresses and furniture attracting bed bugs and birds that fly around the damaging property are usual problems that need to be dealt with on a regular basis. We have excellent solutions for the expulsion of these creatures and to provide proven solutions for your lodging and hospitality business. That means sealing off entry points, the extermination of insects, handing out required material to support these operations and cleaning up the general area from all sorts of insects and rodents that your customers will need protection from.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare sectors are highly concentrated on the overall living conditions of the place and places such as hospitals, clinics and patient wards need to be sanitized at all times. This can be hard in the presence of insects and pests such as bed bugs or with flying insects like mosquitoes. Overall even birds, germs and other diseases can contribute to the deterioration of health standards. Pak Pansy has excellent solutions for pest control and exclusion, sanitizing facilities and providing the best of cleaning services available. Cracks and openings in the structure, lack of proper maintenance invite pests which our methods can easily fight against.

Food Processing

Governmental agencies for Food Inspection and other similar entities are always on the lookout for places that do not have adequate processes and food processing is one such industry that must maintain a speck free image. Pak Pansy can provide services as well as certifications that will ensure the relevant authorities that your place of business is free of pests and flies by preventing infestations and eliminating them. Exclusion or the process of creating barriers for these pests to enter the general area is also very helpful in achieving this target and we excel at all possible ways of dealing with this nuisance.

Manufacturing & Warehouse

Manufacturing places have loads of equipment and machines and warehouses have containers in abundance. We provide fumigation services for godowns and storage areas as well as functional areas. We are experts at fumigating your godowns and containers and even providing solutions for manufacturing places that are sure to attract lots of pests and rodents especially due to small spaces and clutters. These are highly dangerous to your operations and even damage your property substantially and must be dealt with on time before the infestation turns full-scale.

Pak Pansy can both prevent rodents from entering places and trapping them for population control. Other pests and insects are also eliminated effectively by identifying breeding spots and ending their life cycles.

Government & Education

Governmental concerns include parks, trading places, massive storage and the educations sector is highly concerned with keeping the infrastructure free of pests for the safety of its students as well as property.

Rodents, bugs, termites, bees and mosquitoes or even unclean water can cause may diseases or damage to these places. Pak Pansy has been authorized by the government to provide fumigation services to many industries and in regards to many places for pest control and to make sure international standards for operation and services are adhered to.


Sanitation is an important aspect of the pharmaceutical industry that deals with creating pills and medicines for people looking to get rehabilitated. These facilities need environments that are safe, clean and free of pollutants for production purposes and that means Pak Pansy offers its best resources to eliminate pests like bugs, beetles and worms in stored products or even in sources of water. We can audit your facilities, inspect it for the potential of infestation and then help clean up the entire facility. Since government procedures mandate such facilities be kept absolutely clean we spare no efforts in making sure expulsion, sanitation and guaranteed fumigation services are given to these clients.