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Bed Bug Services

Bed bugs are a very common occurrence in households and pest control is mandatory to restrict further damages and problems caused by these bugs. Pak Pansy has resolved to train its staff to near perfection and equip them with the latest methods and technology to fight bed bugs infestation and implement effective and swift pest control. Extermination takes places after careful and thorough inspection of the area, spotting their nesting grounds and then using the least invasive ways of dealing with these pests. A keynote is how we can facilitate both monitoring of recurrence and ensure that the situation is dealt with in the most professional way possible. It is our foremost aim to provide services that are satisfactory and will be beneficial tour clients in the long run.

Bird Control

Birds might seem harmless as pets but we understand how rogue flocks of pigeons, sparrows, crows and other occupants of the sky can cause harm to your building and become an on-going problem for the general area. They can cause and spread diseases, they attract flies, worms and even lice that could be detrimental to the health of individuals that come into contact with them. If not that bird droppings will increase the cost of maintenance of your building, nests in ventilation systems and on roofs can become a huge nuisance and most importantly for a commercial place the reputation of the place will be tarnished. Birds also cause a lot of noise. For this, we have some pretty sound measures for bird control and turning your location for buildings into a no-fly zone. Our proposed methods include finding out the species of birds we are dealing with, inspecting the area to find out their feeding and watering locations, roosting and nesting grounds and then formulate a plan that would discourage the birds from nesting in those places. Expulsion methods include physical control such as traps, electronic control and repellents to ward them off. After the services have been rendered we also do a maintenance check to ensure that our methods have fully covered the scale of operations. Exclusion Services (pests can enter your building in many ways, through doors, windows, vents, plumbing, cracks or holes in walls or floors, or via supplier deliveries) Prevention is typically at the top most position in terms of pest control. Pests of all kinds, be it flies and bees or bugs and termites can enter your homes and form their own nasty accommodations. To make sure it’s not too late before the infestation has begun we deliver exclusion services to our clients so that eventually they will be spared a terrible full-scale pest infestation. We have adopted the latest technology and methods to make sure pests do not get the chance to enter your homes via open entryways. For that, we have door sweeps to reduce the gaps between your doors and door frames , ways to install air curtains that navigate the flow of flies, bees and wasps way from your homes and weather-sealant resistant for the cracks and crevices in your walls, doors and windows. We inspect from the ground till the highest levels of your place to check ways in which pests can enter your house and seal off those entry points.

Exclusion Services


Be it full-scale hotels or modest motels, hostel rooms or rented places the lodging and hospitality industry is at a rise at all times and with no off seasons it is important to maintain the infrastructure of these places to attract more lodgers with the passage of time. Wall cracks and crevices, entry points for rodents, mattresses and furniture attracting bed bugs and birds that fly around the damaging property are usual problems that need to be dealt with on a regular basis. We have excellent solutions for the expulsion of these creatures and to provide proven solutions for your lodging and hospitality business. That means sealing off entry points, the extermination of insects, handing out required material to support these operations and cleaning up the general area from all sorts of insects and rodents that your customers will need protection from.

Termite Control

Be it the doors, the windows, the furniture or the overall structure of your house or business, termites are a very real threat to the solid foundations of all wood and timber based products. Termites are of many species but nearly all of them are experts at eating away at wood from the inside out and many times the damage is done even before the client suspects it. This is why Pak Pansy offers inspections and consultations for termite control. To protect your building’s infrastructure, reduce the financial cost and impact that might result due to property damage, threats to the plumbing and foundations of your building we offer good and lasting treatment via liquid and advanced foams. After effective treatments, we also provide our customers absolute satisfaction by performing ongoing quality assurance inspections.

Food & Drain Cleaning

There is a very good chance that you overlook the floor and drain cleaning aspect of pest control and exclusion from your house simply because you do not have the proper equipment to cleanse your floor and drain off slimy and greasy stuff. This can attract flies and other insects that might use the moist conditions for breeding or live in the general area. This is where we come in to help you regulate the sanitary conditions of your house in an effective way. Our proposed solutions will ensure general cleanliness of floors and drains, wash out the grimiest and toughest of residues and wash out your pipes, drains and any clogged location.

Fly Control

Wherever, there is food or a drain or sometimes even in the most hygienic of conditions flies can ruin both the image and the sanitary conditions of a place. They are small yet disgustingly fast. Flies breed very quickly and before you know it your pest infestation will turn into a full-scale disaster. Not just that they also contaminate food, spread diseases and cause concerns with respect to your business and reputation especially if you are in the food industry. This is why we find out the root cause of your fly problems, the breeding or entry points into your place and present you with customized solutions to discourage flies from breeding. This can be done by finding their source of activities, cleaning grease and slime off your drains, reducing garbage and it’s filthy odor, removing such debris and finally trapping these flies.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are very dangerous insects, responsible for many potentially fatal diseases such as dengue and malaria and mosquito bites are one of the most bothersome issues a business can face in regards to its customers or a household must bear in regards to their living. But we have a tailored and highly effective solution to win this fight and that starts with a vivid and comprehensive inspection of your location to make sure breeding grounds such as stagnant water, overgrown vegetation, clogged leaks are removed by gutter-cleaning, draining out the water and fixing any leaks to minimize the breeding. After such preventive and monitoring efforts, we move to full-on extermination using chemicals and treatment methods that are bound to work.

Rodent Control

Rodents or more commonly rats and mice are the pests belonging to the mammal group of living species and not only are they the largest pests they are also the most harmful. They can bite, spread germs and diseases, contaminate your food supplies but more so they can eat away your electrical wirings, cardboard boxes and walls causing substantial property damages. This can only be prevented through our highly invested solutions that include finding out the entry points of rodents in your house, sealing them off using door sweeps and caulking and then proper sanitation that means clearing away any clutter that might attract these pests. For population reduction traps are put into place but since they breed rather quickly it is best to monitor the treatment and maintain its effectiveness for a long period of time.

Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches are the next most horrifying and disgusting pests after bed bugs as far as crawling insects are concerned and not only can they bite they also spread very harmful diseases. However gutter lines, open entry points and unhygienic conditions give rise to their breeding and roaches typically have become too common. We provide solutions by identifying their entry points be it drainpipes, gutters or elsewhere and then sealing them off. Also by spraying appropriate pesticides and insecticides their population can be exterminated rather quickly. Service Documentation (Reliable data capture and audit-ready documentation) We strive to share as much information as we can with our clients and to provide them support throughout the pest control or fumigation processes. We also provide documentation with regards to pest activities and trends, the solutions that have been beneficial so far and recommendations to resolve structural, storage and sanitation issues and most importantly the product you use to get rid of those pests. This data is collected from reliable sources and each important aspect of data is captured. We can verify through audit-ready documents the current

status of your house or facility and even help you make the best of treatments, finding out the cause of problems and answer any possible queries from any of our clients.