Lawn Care

Lawns need to be kept ecologically strengthened to fight the constant glaring sun which could burn grass blades and roots. Lawns are trying to survive in an often hostile environment including heat, humidity, weeds, salt intrusion, poor water retention, invading insects, fungus and other pathogens just to name a few. With summer heats and humid climates that give rise to pest population constant maintenance is required to ensure proper nutritional balance and to control weeds and insect intrusion.

Treatment Approach / Plan

The treatment approach is to first inspect the current conditions and then focus on a few important aspects that include: proper maintenance, soil conditioning, disease and pest control.


The grass type is a crucial factor in its maintenance and treatment. An estimate of soil conditions at present, weeds population, pest infestation and its nutrition balance is taken and then a treatment methodology is put into practice.

Treat / Application Methodology

The first step of treatment is to ensure proper maintenance by proper mowing, trimming and watering the lawn. The two major components thereafter are first proper nutrition of the soil by using manure and then controlling pests by identifying infestation and application of pesticides.