Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are highly dangerous for health as they can cause dengue, malaria and a list of other diseases which is why they need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Pak Pansy has a solution for eliminating the breeding of mosquitoes that eventually eliminates their numbers and that includes targeting areas that are favorable to feeding and breeding.

Treatment Approach / Plan

The plan starts with the inspection of a general area where mosquito bites are occurring and then find places that facilitate their breeding. Then these places are contained and the breeding of mosquitoes is controlled. After that, a course of action is placed to fight the current population and decrease it that means their places of breeding are exposed to solutions that kill mosquitoes and the larva. The key concept is to prevent water grounds from becoming breeding grounds.


The inspection revolves around water bodies be it stagnant water, rain water, or garbage cans, coolers, flower pots, or other containers where water has collected. Moist surfaces such as gutters, drainage pipes and even places where the wind isn’t prevalent can lead to infestation and breeding.

Treat / Application Methodology

Once the areas where mosquitoes are being bred are identified they are cleaned up and then the pest population is destroyed, It is also part of the plan to communicate important information such as living conditions, clothing and places that attract these pests and ways to keep them off your property.