Rodents are a big nuisance and perhaps the most dangerous of pests. They reproduce rather quickly and before long a few rats could become a full-on infestation in your house or backyard. We provide solutions that are uniquely suited to each individual. There could be multiple reasons why the infestation took place which is why we have a number of solutions and treatment plans to deal with this problem on a client-to-client basis.

Treatment Approach / Plan

The initial step is to perform vigorous inspection and spot the locations of infestation as well as determine the extent of rodent activity. In some cases where the activity is limited exclusion and rodent-proofing is sufficient while for houses where the rodents have raised a colony of their own trapping and elimination is vital. For both cases sanitation is mandatory.


Each house is different and has both a different structure and potential for rodent attraction. Entry points into the house such as cracks, holes, crevices and gaps will need to be marked and sealed. Shelter sites such as overgrown weedy areas, cardboard boxes, wood piles and living conditions such as the excess amount of open trash and/or food will need to be identified.

Treat / Application Methodology

After inspection, a customized plan for rodent-proofing your house (exclusion) by eliminating entry points and places of shelter and nesting will be made. Additionally for rodent population reduction trapping them in the most effective ways that are harmless to humans is the second treatment step. Afterwards, sanitation conditions such as removal of rodent droppings and additional pest control programs to get rid of fleas, mites, roaches, and other feasting insects that are common occurrences with rodents might be of use.