Termites Control

Termites cause continual and quite costly damages to your homes and wood-based products in your house such as shelves, slabs and interior which is why Pak Pansy has designed extremely efficient and effective ways of eliminating them from each and every corner.

Treatment Approach / Plan

Our treatment approach is to cater to the different needs of each of our clients and focus on both above and below ground treatments simultaneously. We provide protection for the entire infrastructure of your house against all types of termites and to be effective we use the best of solutions available.


Inspection is the most important aspect of finding damages done and then doing damage control so we find for signs of termites by inspecting house foundation, cracks and crevices, wall, plumbing pipes, doors and windows and any possible entry point for an infestation of termites.

Treat / Application Methodology

After careful and thorough inspection of the interior, exterior and foundation of the house, we use non-invasive procedures for termite control and elimination. We help you save time and money by applying treatments in hard-to-reach places like wall voids and moldings, plumbing, slab cracks/expansion joints, fences, walls, doors and home’s foundation and covering all important parts of your house without affecting its structure.