Why Pak Pansy

Why Pak Pansy

We are professionals in the Pest Control Industry of Pakistan and Pak Pansy Fumigation Services has been carrying out Domestic and International services in various facets of food businesses, hotels, hospitals and domestic sectors ensuring a safer, infestation-free and quarantined environment.

We provide termite control and food industry fumigation services all of which are aimed at providing you with the ultimate solutions for pest problems. We have expertise in fumigation of food stuff, rural settings, vehicles, import and export and we accommodate the businesses of our clients by curing their containers, factories, godowns, houses & cold storage from pest infestation.

Our Trained Staff

We adhere to the highest of international standards and our staff is accredited by governmental authorities as well as through internal evaluations to effectively manage fumigation processes in Homes, Companies, Hospitals, Hotels and other establishments.

As a professional organization, we dictate exceptionally skilled officers/ workers that are professionally sound and highly motivated. These workers are the backbone of all our operations and we determine our strength based on their capacity to perform and achieve business objectives. They are all qualified and well-experienced individuals and have substantial backgrounds that further serves our motive to provide high standard services.

What Makes Us Different

Our assurances aren’t based on word alone. We provide you with guarantees and satisfaction, unlike any other company. Our expertise lies in our exclusive treatment of each client and customized a solution to their problems. We tailor our efforts as per your needs and aim for the highest of quality services. With a well-versed staff that knows your problems, our treatment methodologies that are compatible with your needs and our company’s dedication to serving its valued customers we are quite distinct and far ahead of the market competition at present.

Our Range of Container Fumigation Services Includes:

* Treatment for both Domestic and International using Phosphine and Methyl Bromide, Permethrin and Deltamethrin.

 * Assessment of import cargoes for fumigant residues.

 * Customer satisfaction (100% guarantee)

From the start-up of inspection till the conclusion of our fumigation process, we plan each step in line with customer input and needs. We fumigate Containers, Godowns, Houses and Cold Storage places and provide Fumigation Certificate & Phytosanitary Certificate as the stamp bearer of your place’s pest-free status.

With a 100% record when it comes to customer satisfaction we pride ourselves on using the latest of methods when it comes to fumigation.

For both domestic and international fumigation and treatment of food products and raw ingredients, we use methyl bromide gas and aluminum Phosphine (PH3) tablets, Permethrin and Deltamethrin. These chemicals are unquestionably effective and verified by the international standards that Pak Pansy complies with.

We are licensed by the government of Pakistan and provide licensing to other businesses on the authorities delegated to us or via liaisoning.

We Are a Certified & Licensed Company from Govt. of Pakistan

Pak Pansy Fumigation Services is accredited to the international standard ISPM 15 program and also certified by the Department of Plant Protection. We can provide assurance that your exports meet all the regulation as per international standards and your homes and accommodations are pest-free on the authority of our government.

We Provide Free Inspection and Estimate

We do all we need to earn your trust and to provide you with as much information as possible which is why our inspection services are free of cost. We provide thorough and comprehensive evaluations and then draft estimates as per the cost of services that would ultimately benefit you in the long run. Our value proposition is the benefit we help our clients earn through our services.